I met her not that long ago, at a radio event and we exchanged numbers. And she came to one of my shows—my record release show in Brooklyn, and we just have remained in contact. She just texted me, she’s like ‘I’m having a party for my friends in Rhode Island, and I’d love you to come.’ And there were men at the party but she didn’t want a picture—she said ‘let’s have a picture with all the girls.’ So yeah, we showed up and it was fun, it was raining, so we played a lot of board games and she baked. It was very much how you would expect her to be, a wonderful hostess, there was lots of delicious food.

We played charades. When we got there, everyone was on a slip and slide but it was raining, and I was like ‘I’m not like a slip and slide person.’

It was fun, but it was very low key. Everyone’s like ‘Oh my god! You were at Taylor Swift’s house!’—but she’s very normal. To me, I didn’t feel like—I just didn’t feel like anything crazy.
She’s a very, very sweet person. So all the rumours are true. Unless the rumours are bad and then they’re not true.


—Ingrid Michaelson on Taylor’s Fourth Of July party (x)

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…and one single angel

3 years since ‘Sparks Fly' premiered | July 18th 2011

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when ur with ur best friend


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calum smiling with his teeth: a masterpost 


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Taylor sent a fan from the Philippines a card/letter last year (x)

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All we know is touch and go.

do you ever see edits of the red tour and stuff and it mentions europe and you’re just like